Escort Escapades Vol 1

Prostitution. Webster’s defines it as the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. Rudyard Kipling called it the world’s oldest profession. Countless rappers have seen it as a way to increase their station in life. But for thousands of women and men across this country, and most millions of people across the globe, it’s a way of life.

People come to the working life in a myriad of ways. There are the horror stories about young girls being kidnapped from their homeland and shipped around the world to serve as a sex slave. On the other end of the spectrum there are those who enter the life with a clear head and clear goals.  Then there are all of those in between.

As part of a recurring series we’ll be publishing a series of interviews with Vivian, a former sex worker from the American Northeast.  In this first conversation we talked about how she got started as an escort, run ins with the law, and her first trick.

Triv: How did you get started as an escort?

Vivian: I was 19 and working at a gas station, a friend of mine was involved in a local agency and asked if I wanted some more money and more freedom. I put in my two weeks and didn’t even think about it. She said she was a massage “therapist in training” and I talked to her repeatedly about the legalities of the practice. Later that week I met with the woman who ran the business and we discussed things more in depth.

Naturally I didn’t really know too much of what I was getting into, the sex industry and very specifically the escort industry tends to be very discreet about what happens behind clothes doors. It’s funny, if you film it and get paid for it it’s porn and totally legal, but with out the camera? Illegal. And dangerous.

Triv: How old were you when you started?

Vivian: I was 19.

Triv: You weren’t scared?

Vivian: Haha, I was a little bit. I was at a really weird point in my life where I was trying to escape an abusive relationship, I knew if I joined the lifestyle he would never speak to me again, and I would be able to maintain financial security.

The first client I had was the worst, I think, for that reason. I barely touched him and was very not keen on him touching me. He was a huge man who smelled awful!
Triv: Huge as in fat?
Vivian: He was very tall and very wide. He took up a lot of bedspace. We met at a hotel an hour away from where I lived. Of course gas was compensated in the price, the house cut was very reasonable. It was supposed to be a sensual massage, it ended up just being a massage and massively awkward.
Triv: So you just started doing massages? Did you get into more?
Vivian: Yeah, but it was all dependant on the client. I decided how far I wanted to take it and with who.
Triv: So did you enjoy it?
Vivian: It depended, when I worked for the first company, which was out call, I really loved it, I had great high end clients who took care of me and respected me. When I moved to Kentucky I got involved with another in house service provider and that was less than enjoyable, especially when the house got busted. We tagged the girl as a snitch so we were all on our best behavior, but of course, that didn’t stop the bust from happening.
Triv: When the house got busted did you get caught up in that?
Vivian: Yeah, they took pictures of my tattoos, had a warrant to search my car and had my license plates marked down, the times I was in, the clothing I generally wore, thankfully that happened after I stepped down from managing the house.
Triv: Whoa.
Vivian: That was when I got scared. I could handle my own, and have handled my own, against overly aggressive men, but the police and the law in Kentucky was scary.
Triv: Hahaha.  Ok let’s take a step back for a second. You said you.
Vivian: Haha. Yeah. No one fucked with my girls. I was a dominatrix too, for a little while.
Triv: You have any horror stories?

Come back next week for Vol.2 when Vivian tells us just how weird people can be. If you have any questions for Vivian shoot an email to


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