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DWill’s NCAA Week 6 Predictions/Games To Watch

Sorry about not having last week’s predictions. But my Week 4 predictions were pretty spot on. Here are the nine games that matter most this week. Pay attention to these games, these are the “money” teams. If I call for an “upset alert” I’m saying this is a game where the underdog has a very good chance of winning, not that they will win.

POACHER WATCH: Alabama has its best chance to lose. Arkansas, Tennessee, A&M , and LSU. These four teams could hurt a lot of feelings this weekend.

BEST QB: Lamar Jackson, Greg Ward Jr., and Brad Kaaya are the best QBs as far as performance. But the season is not over, far from it. And last week we saw that Lamar Jackson is indeed a human.

1. #3 Clemson vs Boston College: UPSET ALERT WINNER CLEMSON
Yes, Clemson escaped Louisville but they will be riding high off a lucky win. Clemons QB , DeShaun “5 INTs ” Watson, is suspect and has been all year. If Boston College can manage to get some offense going Clemson will lose this game.

2. Texas vs. #20 Oklahoma: WINNER Oklahoma
It really does not matter who wins this game , even if Texas manages to upset they still lose. Texas wants Strong out. Which is stupid. He needs more than a couple of years to fix a broken program. He has got a gifted class coming in, but the state of Texas has no patience for “foreigners” named Strong.

3. LSU vs. #18 Florida: UPSET ALERT WINNER LSU
The Tigers have nothing to lose and they have a lot of talent. So expect them to play with wild abandonment.

4. Notre Dame vs NC State: WINNER NC State
Wait,  who cares. Fuck Notre Dame. In the ass.

5. #6 Houston vs Navy: WINNER Houston

6. #9 Tennessee vs. #8 Texas A&M: UPSET ALERT WINNER A&M
Texas A&M has got the defense playing well. The Vols and the come lucky back wins will stop this game.

7. #21 Colorado vs. USC: UPSET ALERT WINNER Colorado
Colorado is slowly bring its program back to dominance. USC is in shambles, but they still have talent. This will be a good game.

8. #1 Alabama vs. #16 Arkansas: UPSET ALERT WINNER Bama
Alabama has a tough remaining schedule, with no true leaders on the team and a Freshman QB. I have a feeling the Tide will go down soon. Most likely to A&M, but don’t count Arkansas out.

9. #23 Florida State vs. #10 Miami: WINNER Miami
FSU secondary is being exposed. They’re fraudulent. Miami has not played a challenging game yet but they have the momentum. Talks of Jimbo Fisher leaving FSU doesn’t help much at all either.

See you next week.

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