Drake and Meek Mill aren’t beefing. Let’s call it something else.

“Hit Em Up,” “Dollaz n Sense,” “No Vaseline,” “The Bridge is Ova,” when we heard these songs they were more than just great songs. More than just great diss songs. They had one other important thing in common: we believed in the beef. Drake and Meek Mill is a beef that I do not believe. Less like beef, more like soylent feces.

We all fully believed that if Pac and Biggie crossed paths it would be cataclysmic. And if Quik ever got near Eiht, those “two tramp five sevens” would have clacked. We knew that shit was real. But Drake and Meek Mill? What is this? You’re beefing with your homegirls fiance? And you’re a dude? Or worse, you’re beefing with your finance’s homeboy, and he’s not gay? What is this? This is horrible. It’s a shame. It’s a sham. It’s a lot of things, but it ain’t beef.

Does anyone believe that if Meek Mill (seriously, his name is worse than Mephis Bleek’s) and Aubrey bumped into each other at their favorite boutique shoe store or wine tasting room that they would rumble? I do not. Even if Meek Mill is a gangsta (who knows if he is? Who knows if he’s even a real person? For all we know Meek Mill is like 2015 Max Headstrom, but Black. I’m just saying we’ve never seen him anywhere. He might not be real.) he’s not going to do anything to jeopardize his meal ticket. He see’s what’s happened to Nicki’s last guy.  And Drake, unless there’s a bottle around to toss, I don’t think he’s going to get active.

I listened to all of the garbage that has come from Drake and Meek Mill both being balls deep in their feelings. And I don’t like it. None of it. It’s booty chips.

On one hand of course I don’t like it, though. My favorite rapper is Ice Cube. But I can look at music objectively. I may not be a fan of Drake but the little beige boy can make good music. Meek Mill can make good sandwiches, presumably. I know fuckall about that cat and I refuse to learn. Anyway, I say that to say Drake’s “Back to Back” is not good. And you all are saying that it is. Hip hop is doomed.


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