Dope Girl Of The Month: Jennifer

Dope Girl Jennifer is an Oceanside, California based beauty. We sat down with her to talk about the important things in life: modeling, church, and dick pics. Check out what she has to say and see how to grab her attention, then look at her pics.

Dope Girl Of The Month

So how much experience do you have with modeling?

I’ve been doing it for two years now, and so far I’ve always done like lingerie type shoots. Not editorial or anything.

What are the pros and cons of modeling?

Ok, the pros are that it actually ends up helping a lot with self confidence because you have to be comfortable with how you look. Especially if you do lingerie. You have to learn how to be comfortable with no clothes on in front of new people sometimes. Like photographers. The bad side is that what I do isn’t always something to show to mama and daddy. So a lot of times people have to make that choice: do I keep doing it and keep it a secret or tell my family?

So how about you? Have you shown your family?

Oh yeah.

How did they react?

They’re pastors. They told me they’d pray for me. One time I posted on Instagram and someone ran to my mom. “Did you see your daughter? In just some pannies?”  My mom wwas like “Well, she’s grown and pays her own bills.” All my mom’s kids are out there, though. So she’s grown accustomed to it.

That’s pretty dope of her. So have you ever had confidence issues?

No, I never have. I always feel the most confident when I’m in just panties. Sometimes when I’m in my everyday clothes I don’t feel like “I’m the shit.” But I take the dress off and it’s like “Whoooo! I’m the shit, I’m dope!”

What would you say is the best part about you modeling? What makes it worth it for you?

After you take the shoot and work with the photographer, I see modeling as art, so when you see the final production it’s like you created a dope masterpiece together. Even if it’s a gritty picture or a perfectly retouched one.  It’s art no matter which way you look at it.


So how do you feel about the fact that you can do a dope ass, sexy shoot, and you meant it as art but now there’s a bunch of creepy guys on the internet staring at your picture and not in a “this is art way?”  

I dunno. It’s weird. Because sometimes I’ll post a picture and I’ll get some real creepy messages from the creepers.

So here’s a question, how many dick pics do you get?

I get a lot. I’ve thought about posting them and calling these guys out. It’s comedy. Like one guy he’s been stalking me for a while. He sends me dick pictures. I don’t even respond. I can’t even open my DMs anymore. It’s just all dick pics. I just ignore him and the others. I guess that got to him, so one day he tags me in a comment and I go to see the picture and it’s a video of two people fucking. I blocked him.

The crazy part is, that dudes send unsolicited dick pics because it’s worked at least once.

Exactly! You don’t just sit around and decide to send a dick pic out of the blue. It’s had to work. I blame those broads that it’s worked on for making the rest of us suffer.

Ok, so what’s the best way for a guy to grab your attention, since it’s obviously not with dick pics?

I’m high maintenance. So a guy would have to approach me in the way he would have to approach a business opportunity?

Like Juicy J? Bands will make her dance? That type of business? Or dope business? What are we talking?

No, like come at me as if we’re at a business conference. Or about to conduct business. Shake my hand, introduce yourself, ask me to sit down, and conduct yourself like a gentleman.


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