If You Don’t Think The Police Are An Occupying Force, Watch This Video

The police are not your friends. They are not here to help you. They are not here to protect you. The police, in America, are an occupying force. If you don’t believe me, just watch this video from the award winning film Do Not Resist.

The video shows Sheriff Deputies in Richland County, South Carolina preparing to raid a home and serve a search warrant. The way the deputies are geared up you would think they were headed to Aleppo and not a small community outside of Columbia.  When they finally reach the house and “breach it” you can see them pull doors off the hinges and break windows.  Ultimately, this interaction comes to an end when the deputies find “a little bit of weed” in a backpack.  Weed. WEED!

Yes, possession of marijuana is against the law in South Carolina, but is this the appropriate response? Should this family be put through this a misdemeanor and what was just “a loose bud?”

Perhaps the most telling part is when an officer is saying that they often hit the same home and you can tell because the doors are still broken from the last time.  The officers are genuinely disappointed that they didn’t find anything, which is odd. Shouldn’t they be happy that these citizens weren’t breaking the law in the way they thought they were? Or were they just looking for confirmation to their forgone conclusion? At the end of this clip, the police also rob the young man they arrested.

The whole thing is insane.  Watch the video and see what it’s like to be terrorized.

Why do we have police?

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