Donald Trump Refuses To Do The Job He’s Been Hired For

White America elected a man who doesn’t want to do the job. He just wants to be a figurehead. But that’s not the job. According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump has had only two classified intelligence briefings, despite being offered them daily.
Every president-elect since Clinton has taken full advantage of the briefings. Trump has not. Instead Trump has been conducting interviews and going on Thanksgiving vacation.
Trump’s supporters are saying that it’s OK for him to not take the daily meetings because he’s been busy building his cabinet. Too busy for briefings? What does that even mean? I’ve never been the President but I’m pretty sure the job is like 89% briefings and meetings. That’s the job. Get briefed. Read. Make a decision. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
This isn’t England, homeboy. You don’t get to be “Head of State” and just do the easy part. You have to do the whole damn job. 
Trump setting a precedent here, that I’m sure will be echoed throughout his tenure. He’s just going to act on instinct. He’s say dumb shit like that before. This is all an indication that he’s going to eschew briefings and meetings and reading about tough topics so that he can be in front of a camera.
He’s beyond unqualified, he’s unteachable. And he doesn’t want to learn or be taught. Donald Trump is willfully ignorant. Pridefully, so as well.
He’s picking his team the way you would pick a dodgeball team in 4th grade.

Our president-elect is a man who ran to be President of the United States of America and the day after the election he says he had no idea how big the scope of the job was.
HOW SWAY!?! How do you not know what the job you’re applying for is? That’s fresh out of college shit. I did that once. I even got an interview with a company and they were this close to hiring me. But they asked me how well I knew some weird ass software and I replied “Oh, man, I’ve never even heard of that.” Meanwhile, I’d listed myself as an expert user.
I was 21. And like most 21-year-olds, I was dumb. I failed to research not only the job I was interviewing for, but I also forgot to memorize my fabricated resume. 
And that’s what Donald Trump did. Expect he’s 70, so you’d think he would know better. And also, his supporters don’t seem to care.
This nigga is a doofus and a fucking dumb dumb.
2017: What you get when you mix “Idiocracy and Nazis”
And May the Apocalypse begin.

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