Donald Trump Loves The Banks

Remember during the election when Donald Trump and Trump’s supporters jumped on the “Crooked Hillary” campaign? If not, let me refresh your memory.

One of the main claims from Trump and his followers was that Hillary was too much in the pocket of Wall Street. In fact, Breitbart, even went so far as to publish a story that detailed how Goldman Sachs had banned their employees from donating money to Donald Trump, but continued to allow donations to flow to Hillary Clinton.

The reasoning behind the ban on funds was an attempt to curb “pay-to-play” allegations. This policy meant no money to go to Pence, who was then Governor of Indiana, the policy would also apply to Tim Kaine, who was at the time an US Senator.

The memo, from Goldman conspicuously did not mention Clinton/Kaine campaign by name.  Granted, they didn’t list the thousands of other elected officials across the nation either, but this certainly added fuel to fire and helped spread the narrative that Hillary was in Wall Street’s pocket.

Ever hear of a “key party?”

Fast forward to today: Donald Trump is President of The United States and has picked apart Goldman Sachs. But not in the way his strong rhetoric would have led you to believe he would have. Instead he’s picked the company apart and rebuilt it in the White House.  Treasury secretary pick Steven Mnuchin, chief strategist Steve Bannon and Anthony Scaramucci, and Gary Cohn, who Trump has chosen to lead the influential National Economic Council all have ties to Goldman Sachs.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it certainly seems like Goldman Sachs was showing us the right hand, to stop us from looking at the left hand. And clearly, that left hand was firmly attached to Donald Trump.

Today we learn that Gary Cohn will follow in the footsteps of Sec. of State pick Rex Tillerson, who will be getting $180 million from Exxon-Mobil, and receive a $100 million payout from his former employer. There is no question that the money these men carry with them into the White House will buy their former employers access. The crazy part is that they may not even need it.

Donald Trump spent nearly two years masterfully getting people to believe that he wasn’t connected to banking.  Which is crazy. He’s a billionaire. I’m not friendly with banking, but that’s because they can’t do a lot with my $19.82 in savings. It would take a long time to flip that to a billion. Banks want to be friends with people with a lot of money and people with a lot of money want to be friends with the banks.  Real estate developing, the industry in which Mr. Trump made his fortune, is all about securing funds from banks.

This is almost surreal and makes the entire”Crooked Hillary takes money from the banks!?!!?!” argument seem even sillier in retrospect.  Hillary Clinton was most definitely friendly with big banking. No doubt about that. The difference between the two of them was clear then, and gets clearer ever day:  Hillary went to talk to Wall Street. Donald Trump IS Wall Street.

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