Jiggles Backyard Tale

Documentary About Butts? Yes, Please.

Do you like big butts? Are you a fan of the delectable derriere? If so, you’re in luck and you’re not alone.

I often travel down the rabbit hole of video hosting sites to find new (old) videos that very few people have seen. Today, I hit the jackpot.  Since the dawn of time the Black man has known the power and benefits of the roundness and author/filmmaker Sarah Hubinger decided it was time to document the power of the booty and share it with the world.

Ms. Hubinger is the author and director of Jiggles:Backyard Tales (Sounds like porn, it’s not.) She wrote the book to help women realize that a great big old ignorant booty is nothing to be ashamed of. No, instead all of you ladies sitting on a gold mine need to be embracing the donkey booties.  I agree with the wholeheartedly. Which is why I was pleased to come across the documentary.

It’s more than just assshots of various women’s butts. Although, that would have been acceptable as well. Instead she does several street interviews with holders of large buttocks and the men (and women) who covet them. She even manages to get a cameo from Idris Elba.  The documentary is actually pretty well done, despite a clear lack of budget.

The documentary manages to delve into the psyche of those obsessed with big butts, at one point even getting a man to admit that he views big asses as a trophy. I don’t necessarily agree that women should be looked at as objects to collect, but I can certainly understand where the man is coming from. Seeing a nice butt does have the ability to turn a man into Ash Ketchum.

The documentary is only 30 minutes, but it does a fairly good job of looking at the phenomenon of large asses and even ends with a nice montage of booty. Give it a watch.


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