The Curious Case Of Melania Trump

Well, it’s official: Donald Trump is President of The United States Of America. That’s a sentence a lot of people never thought they would read. With his presidency we’re entering unfounded territory. He’s probably the least qualified president ever. I could talk about his inadequacies for days. But his presidency introduces us to an interesting dynamic in the world.


A lot of people are aware that republicans can be some of the most hypocritical people on the planet. And their defense of the new First Lady shows us that this next four years will be fun.

Melania Trump
What would Ice Cube say?

I’ve seen numerous posts on social media and even articles saying that Melania Trump and her past are off limits. She’s the first First Lady who has posed nude, professionally, and numerous people have pointed this out. Yet, the evangelical right are throwing flags and saying we shouldn’t “slut shame” her. Personally, I don’t care that she’s been nude. I love nudity. I think it’s great that I’ve seen the First Lady’s lady parts. At the same time, I have a memory.

My memory, aided by an internet that never forgets, tells me that in 2009 when Michelle Obama posed for her official First Lady portrait the conservative right was up in arms because – wait for it – she wore a sleeveless dress. Gasp! If bare arms are disrespectful what the hell is a bare vagina? You’d think the people who want to regulate women’s vaginas would want the First Lady to have never shown hers in public. You’d be wrong. Those people are ok with it. Because Melania is white.

Michelle Obama Bare Arms
So disrespectful!

She was constantly called out for being less than First Lady like, because she did pushups and showed off a body that many women in their 40s would kill to have. She posted work out videos to inspire the masses to get off their rumps and move.

While I would love to think that the right has progressed in the past 8 years, I know this to be false.  The same people who denounce Muslim women for being modest are defending Melania’s right to be nude and it screams of racism.

Mrs. Obama is a Princeton and Harvard educated lawyer. Melania Trump is a woman who married a billionaire and sues news outlets that have said she’s a former sex worker. Yet white people were very quick to attempt to discredit her every step of the way. That same group of people is now asking that we give Melania the chance they never gave Mrs. Obama. Not happening.

We should extend the Trump family the same courtesy they showed the Obamas. We should be just as nasty and despicable as conservatives were for 8 years. Why should we show a woman who’s accomplished nothing other than marrying so she can get a green card the same respect that was deserved of a woman who worked her whole life to be spectacularly wonderful? We should not. And I will not. 2017 is the Year of The Petty and I plan to live it to the fullest.


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