Crime Isn’t A Problem Until It’s A White People Problem

The recent shooting in Orlando, where upwards of 50 people were murdered by a crazed gunman is going to stir a lot debate.  Conservatives will use the fact that the shooter at one point in his life was a Muslim (I am a firm believe that you cease to be a part of a religion the moment you decide to take someone’s life in the name of your religion) to say that we need to either bomb the Middle East back into the stone age or close our borders completely to all Muslims. People on the left will say this is a chance to clamp down on gun control. At this point it doesn’t really matter which side you’re on. Those 50 people will still be dead, at the hands of an idiot with a gun. That is fact and it cannot be spun.
I want to talk about gun violence and gun control, but I also don’t want to talk about gun violence and gun control. It’s too polarizing a topic and unfortunately you’re not going to convince the other side that you’re right and they’re wrong.  Instead I want to write about why it’s a problem, now.
All of the sudden guns are bad and there’s a debate. I find it to be a real problem that gun violence, much like drugs, didn’t become a “problem” until be it hit non-minority communities.  
To quote DJ Quik “Columbine is not new/In Compton, they shoot up schools, too.” If you grew up in the 80s and 90s in a predominantly minority “inner city” community then you grew up with drive bys, you knew that there was a chance that a  function was getting shot up, shots fired at clubs was something that happened. Chicago neighborhoods are still a god damned warzone. Kids get shot on the way to school there. It’s been happening for decades. But like most things in America, it’s not a problem until it’s your community.
We grew up with crack and heroin destroying families, homes, and whole neighborhoods. The reaction for “the man” was to go hard and go after the users. Further destroying homes and communities. Swear to GOD I’ve never seen a billboard for anti-crack. I’ve seen them for prescription drugs and meth. Because once Becky starts taking her mom’s Xanax we’ve got a problem.
It’s a shame that it take senseless deaths to have conversations like this. It’s even worse that no one listens to the conversation until those deaths are white. I’m not saying that everyone who died in Orlando was white. I seriously doubt that was the case and I’m certain that the gunman was just trying to kill people, it probably didn’t matter too much what they looked like to him.  What I’m saying is that until white America fears something, it wont make the 10 o’clock news.

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