Creative Ways To Make Money In 2016

The tightening of purse strings in the last recession has restricted wealth creation for many people. With the new economy emerging, making money has seemingly become harder, especially for most of us who are in the 99 per cent. Still, there are many avenues to make money from, some that are traditional and others less conventional. In case you’re struggling to make money, despite your best efforts, there are several creative ways to make money…legally of course.

Creative Ways To Make Money

Become a travel agent

Becoming a travel agent is not only a creative way to make money, it’s also a job with great perks. You would think that in the age of kayak and expedia there would be no marketplace for independent travel agents. You would be wrong, though. Becoming a travel agent has many perks. It allows you to be your own boss. But the best benefit is that it allows you to travel and at deep discounts. Do a little research and you’ll soon find that you should have started years ago.

Register with AirBnB

One of the more creative ways to make money is with the emerging short term rental market. If you have your own place and there is a spare room that you’re not using, it could easily become a cash cow for you. Fix it up to meet the criteria for AirBnB and register with the site, which helps travelers find affordable accommodation with local residents all over the globe. Once you start getting guests, the company takes a measly 3% of the accommodation fee that you charge. You keep the rest.

Freelance your skills online

Whether you are just leaving college, retired or just got laid off, chances are, you have skills that can be of use to someone somewhere in the world.  Leveraging these skills can lead to some creative ways to make money. Look up legitimate freelancing website such as Fiverr, Upwork and Scripted. These and other sites can help connect you with people who are willing to pay for simple tasks, including writing articles and managing social media pages to designing logos and even taking phone calls. You’ll be surprised at some of the services you can offer.

Sell your popularity

Do you have a huge following on Twitter? There are many companies and individuals out there, who are quite willing to pay to get their products and services in front of your fans. Send sponsored tweets for a fee by using sites such as SponsoredTweets and you could be well on your way to making a reasonable amount of income. Leveraging your social media presence is definitely tops the list of creative ways to make money.

Write an eBook

One of our favorite creative ways to make money is to simply write an eBook. Just ask yourself this: Do you have writing skills and have good knowledge about a topic? Writing an eBook that provides valuable information could earn you a sizable amount of cash in a short time. Sell it on Amazon (although you’ll be paying them a fee) or via your own website and if it takes off, you can even start an eBook business.

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