“Carved In Mayhem” Visual Poetry

This is something different.  Carved in Mayhem is a visual representation of a poem. Kind of like slam poetry, but not self aggrandizing. Poet and voice over artist Johnny Bang Reily penned a stunning poem that is essentially, at least in my opinion, about growth and adversity. The author is a man on a journey, one that has a few missteps, but ultimately it’s a journey that we all take. The poem it’s self is really powerful and moving.

With lines like “I’m not sharp and my body is not prepared…so i cleaned my act/ Trained hard to let the steam off, cleaned my diet to strengthen my mean heart/ but it cleaned my heart, ” You can get a real sense of the author’s need for a metamorphosis. While the poem itself is powerful, aided by Reily’s heavy English accent, it’s the video that puts this whole piece of art over the top.

The stunning imagery provided by Neighborhood Film Co. Production and director Dan DiFelice do a great job of aiding the story. To point where I don’t know if either the video or the audio would work on the same level by themselves. Fortunately, they’re paired together and work exceptionally well.

Hopefully, spoken word mixed with visuals catches on and becomes more prevalent, because this is pretty great.

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