Black Students Removed From Trump Rally

“Donald Trump ordered Secret Service agents to remove a number of black students from his Georgia rally on Monday evening, according to The Des Moines Register.”

That was the opening sentence to a lot of articles on a lot of websites this morning.

This is scary. The government condoned his actions. Think about that.

He had Black students removed because he didn’t like the way they looked. And they were removed by Secret Service agents. The mere presence of Black skin is seen as a threat. Not just a threat, such a large looming threat that students are “asked” to leave a place where their dollars (and presumably a lot of loan debt) are supposed to allow them access to such venues and events.

Donald Trump is scary. I am terrified of Donald Trump. But not the man Donald Trump. No, I’m terrified of the idea of Donald Trump. This caricature of a man is now going out of his way to be racist. He’s saying very explicitly “I am a racist. And I want to be President.”

That’s one scary part.  That there are no systems in place to stop this.  This is a problem. It’s as if we have forgotten that this country is horrible at dealing with issues of race.  From the Chinese Exclusion Act to the Dawes Act to the Mann Act the United States has ambled along with one racist piece of legislation after the other.  Yes, we have the Civil Rights Act and now we see that even this didn’t go far enough.

The other piece to this that is far more scary for me is that there are millions of people who agree wholeheartedly with Donald Trump. Tens of millions even. That’s sheer insanity.  As a Black man, I always harbor this feeling that more white people are racist than they care to admit. This proves it. Supporting Donald Trump allows white people, and Stacey Dash, to say “I don’t like anyone who is not white” without ever having to open their mouths and say the words.

It’s racism by proxy.

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