We’re less than two weeks away from what may end up being one of the best hood movies of all times: Straight Outta Compton. So the Dope Mag Staff engaged in a lively debate to narrow it down to the top hood movies of all time.  Take a few days off from work and see how many of these you can knock out.

Boyz N Da Hood

Easily, one of the best hood movies ever. Ice Cube playing Ice Cube. Cuba Gooding doing his best Denzel impersonation. And the greatest rapper name ever: Furious Styles.  This movie has everything.

Classic line: “Ay yo Rock! Man give the little nigga his ball back.”

Menace II Society

O-Dog.  O-Dog is the greatest hood movie villain of all time.  Larenz Tate made this movie.  The hoodest of hood movies.  It’s got everything you could hope to not experience in a three week period. Kane’s life was hectic as fuck.

Classic line: “I feel sorry for your mother…”


Just think, without Friday we would have never had Rush Hour 3. I don’t know how I feel about that, but nonetheless Friday is one of the funniest hood movies made in the past 20 years. 20 years later and people are still saying “Bye Felisha!”

Classic Line: “How come everytime I’m in the kitchen…you in the kitchen In the GOT damn refrigerator?

New Jack City

Yes. The movie that started Ice T’s acting career. More importantly it was the movie that showed dark skinned niggas can treat light skinned niggas any old kind of way. We’re pretty sure Meek Mill watched this shit before he went in the booth.

Classic Line: “SIT…yo five dolla ass down before I make change.”

I’m Gonna Git You Sucka

Keenan Ivory Wayans was a visionary.  Well, sort of. He pretty much took Robert Townsend’s style and took the cornball out of it.  I’m Gonna Git You Sucka is a masterpiece. The Ghetto Olympics is classic in and of itself. Little known fact: Dr. Dre has spent the past 10 years morphing into Jack Slade.

Classic Line: “All right fuck the cup, pour it in my hand for a dime.”


R.I.P. Tupac.  We always talk about what a great rapper he was, but god damn he may have been an even better actor. Juice is perfect when it comes to hood movies.  A strong story, a lot of rapper cameos, and hood shenanigans. It even has Cindy from En Vogue in it. What more do you need?

Classic Line: “I don’t give a fuck about myself. Nigga I ain’t shit. I ain’t never gonna be shit. And you less of a man than me. So when I decide you ain’t gonna be shit…POW!”

Harlem Nights

Arguably Eddie Murphy’s best film (Some say it’s “Coming To America“), “Harlem Nights” is full of great lines from a veteran class of Black actors. The cast credits reads like Black Comedy Royalty: Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Della Reese, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, No Job Having Ass Tommy…great cast. Seriously, it wouldn’t have matter if they all just sat in a room and talked for an hour and a half, that would have been great, too. When you talk hood movies a lot of times this gets left off because it’s such a good film without the qualification.

Classic Line” Oh you wannt hit people with garbage cans…now I got to cut ya.”

Poetic Justice

It was great to see Penny all grown up and no longer afraid of irons. Even though Janet Jackson can’t act for shit, strong performances from ‘Pac, Joe Torre, and Regina King make the move top notch.

Classic Line: “If I’m a bitch, your momma’s a bitch. Bitch.”

Tales From The Hood

Clarence Williams III is still giving people nightmares. Tales From The Hood essentially is a blatant rip off of Tales From The Crypt TV Series, but so what.

Classic Line: “The Shit? Ah yes, you’ll get the shit. You’ll be knee deep…in the shit.”

Who Made The Potatoe Salad

The first indication that this is going to be a great hood movie is the fact that they have purposefully misspelled potato.  The second indication? Clifton Powell aka Pinky. Clifton Powell is in every hood movie. We’re pretty sure there are some hood movies he doesn’t even realize he’s in.  Urkel is also in the movie, and he’s not too annoying. This movie is great because we’ve all been presented with potato salad and had to ask the question: Who made this shit?

Classic Line:  Just watch the video.


Top Hood Movies, Honorable Mentions:
  • I Got The Hook Up
  • South Central
  • The Wash
  • Beat Street
  • Do The Right Thing
  • Soul Plane
  • Above The Rim
  • Next Friday
  • Jason’s Lyric
  • American Me
  • Clockers
  • Next Day Air
  • 3 Strikes
  • Mi Vida Loca
  • Phat Beach

So go buy, download, or steal as many of these hood movies you possibly can and watch these flicks.

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