Beards are everywhere. Women seem to love them. But not all beard styles are good. Periodically, we’ll pick a few prominent beard styles and discuss them.  This is all to help you pick out a style of beard that works for you. Not everyone can pull off a beard. This week’s category: Hip Hop Beards.

The Game

beard style the game rapper

Jayceon’s beard style is odd. It’s equal parts “I went to the barber” and equal parts “fuck it.”  Don’t groom a part of your beard. It’s all or nothing. Go hard or go home.  Interestingly enough The Game’s beard calls a few things into question.  If you listen to his music you’ll know that he frequently speaks of cunnilingus.  That is not a box munching beard. Styles like this are for lumberjacks.  You’ll fuck around and give the poor young lady a thigh rash. Not to mention, the amount of shampoo you’ll need…


beard style

He’s the “Classic Man” what did you expect? He already told you that you can be mean when you look as clean as he does.  Upon first look his beard does look a little raggedy, but between the ascot and the red hair, it works. If you’re going to be light skinned, wear a beard and have red hair.  It worked for Malcolm.

Action Bronson

beard style action bronsonThe “Fuck That’s Delicious” star is famous for two things: Sounding exactly like Ghostface Killah and his beard style.  Action Bronson doesn’t look like a rapper. He doesn’t even look like he bathes. If you’ve ever watched “Fuck That’s Delicious” then you’ve had the misfortune of watching him eat. When you need to sweep your beard to the side in order to eat, the beard is too damn long. In Action’s case his beard isn’t so much a style as it is a testament to his laziness. It looks like he’s just too tired to shave.




beard styles

Haha. Aubrey. No. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with beard styles like this.  Except that it’s Drake.


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