Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Is Bad

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Isn’t Worth Your Time

By now you’ve heard/read reviews of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and if you’re smart you’ve stayed away from the movie.  But all indications are that a lot of people didn’t.
Before watching it, I saw review saying that the movie was great. Awesome, even. These are lie. The movie is a C+ at best.

Director Zachary Edward “Zack” Snyder, is only great at making action scenes, as shown in his previous movies. So Why did he focus on Superman’s relationship with Lois Lane? I don’t know the answer but it made the film cheap, progress at a snail’s pace, and in some places it was just plain ridiculous.

Snyder has managed to turn Superman/ Clark into a cheesy New York hipster instead of the traditional All-American, Kansas-raised hero. And Ben Affleck could be the second worst batman ever. He is not gritty at all, and please bring Christian Bale back! For all of the criticisms about Bale he was at least a believable Bruce Wayne. Ben Affleck is not believable as Bruce Wayne, and that’s the most importan part of the role.  Anyone can be Batman under the suit, that’s the easy part.  Affleck’s Wayne is a whiny, broody bitch. Bale seemed crazy enough to actually believe he was Batman, and that translated very well on film.

There was no point in introducing the Justice League. None. And they could have been more discreet about how they brought them into the movie. It may have worked better, after the film was over as an after credit reveal. Jesse Eisenberg is a good actor but he missed Lex Luthor’s character by a mile. I thought Ben Affleck would be the worst part of the movie, but he wasn’t. Lex Zuckerberg was the worst part. He was really bad.

The movie wasn’t all trash, though. Batman V. Superman has great action scenes. Doomsday was awesome! Wonder Woman lacked character development , but she was badass. I can’t wait until 2017 when her movie comes out.

I would save my money and wait for it to stream someplace. The actions scenes are worth seeing but you might fall asleep during the first thirty minutes.

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