Whether you’re an Impala driving block boy, or a private jet-setting baller, we can all agree on one thing: there’s nothing dope about the constantly fluctuating prices of gas. Few things can turn some bomb ass weekend plans into a big ass bowl of wacksauce faster than worrying about the funds to put petro in your vehicle of choice – whether that vehicle be a bucket or a G-5. Well, Audi might have a solution for some. The European car company has invented an Eco-Friendly diesel, based of only carbon dioxide and water. That means abundant, renewable, and -most importantly- inexpensive fuel for vehicles. For those of you actually interested in the process through which this is done, it is detailed here.

As of now, the process is a bit of a distance from mass production , but Audi and auto maker Sunfire apparently plan to to build a bigger plant. Here’s the best news: at between €1.00 and €1.50 per liter, this new e-diesel is substantially lower than the current average European price for gas (about €6.22 per gallon). To put it simply, it’s roughly equivalent to the difference between $3.00 per gallon gas and $9.00 per gallon gas in American dollars. The e-diesel is also much more environmentally friendly, and has a 70% better fuel efficiency in vehicles, thanks to better combustion compared to fossil fuels.

If things go as expected, and industrial scale production is ramped up, this fuel will help revolutionize not only the European vehicle market, but the American one as well. Cheaper fuel that’s abundant and better not only for the environment, but for your pockets? I’d say that’s pretty damn DOPE.

For more information: here’s a video about alt. fuel by Sunfire



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