Attention White People: Please Stop Telling Minorities How Great We Have It Now

I’m tired of being told I shouldn’t mind the boot on my neck. Or that the boot isn’t there. Or that it’s smaller than the boot used on my parents or grandparents.

Fuck that. Fuck what you talking about. Fuck you.

My oppression isn’t made up. It’s not perceived. It’s not fake. It’s very real. It’s very palpable. I can feel it. I can taste it. I’ve lived with it for 30 plus years.

My oppression may not look like German Shepherds and fire hoses. It looks like the racial wage gap. The prison industrial complex. Gentrification. Police brutality.


My oppression is no longer in the form of “You can’t use this pool because you’re Black.” It’s no longer the non stop overt oppression. Nah. It looks like this now:

• More than 80,000 Black Americans die every year due to lack of health insurance

• Black people are less likely to own their own home than any other ethnic group

• Black women are five to six times more likely to receive sub prime mortgages than white males

• Blacks people are three times more likely to receive higher rate mortgage loans (54.7 per cent of blacks compared to 17.2 per cent of whites)

• 25 percent of the black population live below the poverty line, and of those under the ages of 18, 33.5 per cent live in poverty

• Black infant mortality rates are double that of white infants

• Black teens are 21 times more likely to be shot by police than white teens. Yet studies show that white people stopped by police are more likely to have drugs.

• Black and Brown people are still being giving football numbers for weed. But now that the drug epidemic has reached white communities it’s time to be compassionate.

None of this is fake. None of this is made up. There are real disparities in the way that minorities and white people are treated in this country. There are real disparities in the services that communities of color have access to versus what is readily available in white communities.  This isn’t to say that all white people are bad, or have a hidden agenda. But all white people benefit from this unbalanced and unfair system.

This is what america looks like to me. This is what it feels like. So yeah, before you tell me that’s it’s not what I think it is, how about you shut the fuck up?


Top image courtesy US News.

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