AprilFoolChild Mangos

AprilFoolChild Can Sing And That’s Not A Joke

Let me just say this: Not until very recently have I had a serious craving for mangos! Gracing us with not only her presence, but her soothing and tranquil voice, is none other than Brielle Leilani, aka AprilFoolChild.

Bringing that Philadelphia soul and jazz influenced style, this phoenix rises above and beyond whatever category you try to place her in.

I was blessed enough to listen to my favorite track “Mangos” and instantly fell in love! The feeling from the song is unmistakable. Her womanhood/sexuality is expressed in a way that isn’t over the top raunchy but lets you know exactly from where she is coming.

The feeling that’s generated is one of a physical attraction of a woman captivated by her muse and she usually wouldn’t be so upfront, but at this moment her mango is his and he can have all of the juice that comes along with it.

Rare is it when you can find a soulful, creative, genuine individual that can not only carry a song, but write, compose and deliver a performance worthy of the “timeless” characterization. (Did I  mention she’s a flautist as well? No, well she is.)

Not only does AprilFoolChild have a remarkable voice, her movements exude confidence, energy, positiveness and an overall belief in the realness she gives you through her craft!

Don’t confuse her confident sexuality for a cheap and tawdry romp in the sheets, this is a woman who is comfortable enough to let the person that her feelings run deeply for, know this and place the ball undeniably in his possession along with everything else that comes along with her womanhood.

“Mangos” is a track that lets you behind AprilFoolChild’s closely guarded feelings, but shows her confidence, her strength and the angelic voice that’s as soft as a cloud. If you don’t like the track, then you just don’t like music. The combination of her melodic voice coupled with one of the most laid back R&B boom bap beats I’ve heard in a while is a complete success.

Get to know more about this eclectic, soulful woman here and see for yourself how good mangos really are!

Find more of AprilFoolChild’s at http://www.briellexaprilfoolchild.com/ and on all her social media

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