Man Sets Self On Fire In Protest To Trump

Anti Trump Protester Sets Himself On Fire

An Akron, Ohio man is in stable condition after he set himself on fire, following what witnesses describe as an “anti trump rant.

According to witnesses the 69-year-old man, who has yet to be identified, became increasingly agitated while talking about the need to protest against President-elect Donald Trump. The man, who was wearing a military uniform, walked up to a group of people inside a local coffee shop and asked if anyone knew who had organized a local protest against Trump.

“For less than a second, he was calm,” said Denise Bowman, one of the regulars at the coffee shop table. “But then he became agitated. His tone changed, his body language changed and he got loud.”

The man said he’d given his blood for this country and began listing all of the places where he’d served, Bowman said. It was at this point that the uniformed man started screaming that he had a gun, terrifying coffee shop patrons. After leaving the shop, without further incident, the man then walked outside and approached Mike Brown, a local resident, asking him to take his picture.

The 69-year-old never waited for his picture to be taken, instead he grabbed a canister of gasoline from his car, doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire, witnesses said.

Luckily, or unluckily depending on perspective, Mr. Brown tried to put him out with his jacket, while others rushed outside with fire extinguishers to put the man out.

While the burn victim is in stable condition, it’s still unclear if he’ll make it.

We live in a new world, where people would rather burn to death than live under a President Trump. Can’t say it’s an easy choice.

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