5 Hip Hop Biopics We Need To See Made

Straight Outta Compton has become a smashing success. Aside from making a lot of money, the movie is quite good. Yes, it glosses over some of the less savory portions of N.W.A.’s history. But all in all the movie hits the mark.  But this is not a review of that movie. Instead it got us thinking: Who else needs a hip hop biopic? So we came up with a list and some reasons why. By no means is this list exhaustive, let us know who we missed.

Master P

This one is a no brainer. So much so in fact, that P has already stated he’s going to produce his own biopic.  Hopefully now that he’s seen what a good hip hop movie looks like, we won’t get a remake I’m Bout It.

Must Include Moment(s): We’re definitely going to see how P met Mia X.  We’re going to be pretty disappointed if they didn’t meet when he went to drop his kids off at daycare.  Also, need to see the recording of “Make Em Say Ugh.”

Must Omit Moment: Anything involving Silkk rapping.


Another no brainer. Who doesn’t want to see Big Boi and Andre 3000 back at the very, very beginning? Imagine what the hell they were wearing in the early 90s before they got famous.

Must Include Moment: We need to see if there is any truth to the Erykah Badu stories. Was Three Stacks always a weirdo? Or did she put that voodoo snapper on him and make him start dressing like a fawn?

Must Omit Moment: None. We need to know everything.

Geto Boys

Even though they are definitely hip hop pioneers, not a lot of people know the full history of the Ghetto Boys. They’re like hip hop’s version of the Temptations. There have been 8 total members of the group, with Scarface and Willie D being the last two in the group. And Bushwick Bill was the group’s dancer at one point.  We need to see all of this. Now.

Must Include Moment: The conversation with Bushwick convincing Sir-Rap-A-Lot to let him be a rapper.

Must Omit Moment: Some people would say Bushwick losing his eye. They would be wrong. We don’t need to see a reenactment of “My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me,” though. It would be useless, we all know that song and the video.

2 Live Crew

A 2 Live Crew movie would need to be NC-17. If every scene doesn’t include gratuitous nudity, then it’s not real. Luther Campbell was a visionary.  He couldn’t rap for shit, but he knew what the people wanted!

Must Include Moment: Backstage at the Phil Donahue show. We, the people, need to be shown what happened before and after that performance.

Must Omit Moment: None.

Public Enemy

Chuck D, the Professor of Hip Hop, needs a movie now. The formation of one of the most powerful groups in hip hop would be an interesting story. Also, the downfall of Flavor Flav needs to be told on the large screen. We also need to see him portrayed as a person, instead of the clown that VH-1 has painted him as.

Must Include Moment: The filming of the “Fight the Power” video.  The video itself is pretty frenetic and powerful, so a glimpse into the background would be awesome.

Must Omit Moment: Anything dealing with Flav’s love life. We already have been subjected to that bullshit.



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