By now the whole world knows about Rachel Dolezal and her reverse passing.  The internet has once again proven that it has no chill what so ever by roasting Ms. Dolezal with the awesome hashtag #AskRachel.  Now we’re seeing that Shaun King is was also born with less melanin than previously represented.  Shaun’s wife came to his defense and stated that “he’s no Rachel” and that the parts of him that are “white are white” and the parts of him that are “black are black.” That’s just fucking stupid. Both of them are fucking stupid. But instead of talking about their shortcomings, let’s highlight a few white people who were down for the cause and showed their support without compromising their integrity.

John Brown

John Brown lead a raid on Harper’s Ferry, where he planned to steal weapons and use them to free more slaves.  He did this while being a white guy in 1859. He does look a lot like Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, so maybe he was actually passing? John Brown paid the ultimate price for his radical idea that no man should be enslaved.  He was hanged December 2, 1859.

John Sinclair

John Sinclair was very much interested in the Civil Rights Movement and wanted to help.  When Huey P. Newton, founder of the Black Panther Party was asked in an interview what White people could do to help he replied that they could form a White Panther Party. John Sinclair, his wife Leni, and American Indian poet were able to pick up what Huey was laying down and they formed the WPP.  Sinclair went so far as to eventually be indicted on plans to blow up CIA headquarters.  He also never pretended he wasn’t white.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ah, the Notorious R.B.G.. What has she done that’s so special for Civil Rights? A lot. A whole lot.  Too much to list. But this quote from her sums up her whole view on racial inequality in America. ” Think of neighborhood living patterns. We still have many neighborhoods which are racially identified. We still have many schools — even though the days of state enforced segregation are gone, segregation because geographical boundaries remains.”  Those are bold words from a sitting Supreme Court Justice. A justice who, as far as we know never denounced her white roots.

Louisa May Alcott


 Yup, the author of  Little Women was very much down for the cause. And she did it in a time when it was impossibly dangerous. Alcott who was also a nurse for the Union Army wrote that she was  glad she had “lived to see the Antislavery movement and this last heroic act in it” and that she wished she could do her part in it.But by the time she had written that, she’d already done more than most. As a seven year old she found a fugitive slave hiding in an unused stove.  The Alcott family housed the fugitive for a week and little Louisa helped teach the man to read.  She did this, while being white,  in public and private.



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